Workaround For The Temporary Disconnect Between NeatConnect And Evernote

0780242NeatConnect, a cloud-connected digital filing system, is our favorite in-office productivity device. It syncs effortlessly with Neat’s trecently_updateddesktop software, NeatCloud, as well as with Dropbox, and Google Drive, allowing us to classify a variety of documents, from receipts to contacts. However, over the past few weeks we have not been able to sync to Evernote and are receiving an error message stating, “Items Could Not Be Sent. You’ve exceeded your upload capacity for this service.”

After several back and forths between the always-helpful NeatConnect and Evernote tech support, we have learned what the root of the problem is: because Evernote has increased its upload capacity for both Premium and Business accounts, there needs to be some sort of firmware modification before NeatConnect will go back to seamlessly connecting with Evernote.

Nevertheless, we were anxious to use our new scanner alongside our go-to digital workspace and organizing tool. Thus, after much trial and error, here are our workarounds for when you experience obstacles linking your NeatConnect Scanner to your Evernote Premium or Business accounts.

  1. Upload into the Neat desktop software. Once a file is in the application, you can email notes right into Evernote and easily name and direct the note right into its correct notebook and tags. To do so, address the e-mail to your Evernote e-mail address. If you don’t know what it is, you can find it by going to your Account settings. In the email’s subject line, first put the note’s title, followed by the @ symbol and name preferred notebook destination, and, finally, #’s to incorporate tags.

For example:

Subject: NeatConnect and Evernote disconnection @Tech Issue Fixes #NeatConnect #Evernote #Tech Issues

So, this note called “NeatConnect and Evernote disconnection” would go into our “Tech Issue Fixes” notebook under the searchable tags NeatConnect, Evernote, and Tech Issues.

  1. Upload and transfer. Upload files into one of the destinations that are working without any problems and then download notes to your computer to then upload into your Evernote. To try this method out, we tested by uploading client receipts from our Neat scanner into our Google Drive destination. When you upload into Drive, files will automatically go into a folder called “From NeatConnect”. You can then download the files from your Google Drive folder to your computer and manually upload them into Evernote. Though this is a three-step procedure, it will allow you to route your notes to their proper places.
  1. Set up a Free Evernote account to scan into. Right now free accounts are the only ones not experiencing any NeatConnect-to-Evernote issues. Once you upload into your free account, you can export your notes from this account and then import them into your Premium or Business account. To do this, open Evernote and login to your free account. Then right click on the notebook name and choose “Export Notes.” Choose the location of the export file, making sure that you choose the .enex file type, not .html when saving. Now, to import into your Premium or Business account, log in and for each of the .enex files you exported from your Free account, click File > Import Notes and choose the .enex file when prompted. After the import completes, you’ll see a dialog box explaining that your notes have been imported into a local (that is, not synchronized) notebook called “Import [the .enex file name]” and asking if you’d like to place these notes in a synchronized notebook. Choose yes. You can now name your newly imported notes, tag them, and move them into their rightful places.

**Keep in mind that Evernote Free accounts have a small capacity and even if you delete notes, you will not free-up quota; it resets at the end of each month.

Create Personalized Holiday Gifts Using Your Scanner

!! Ellen DelapEveryone agrees that a homemade gift is the most precious of holiday treasures – it’s what can make the holiday gift giving ritual so special. So to make something special this holiday season, why not use your scanner and create a personalized holiday gifts for your friends and family? These three holiday gift suggestions will make the lucky recipient feel extra special.

Family Recipe Book

Imagine your family’s treasured recipes preserved together in a family cookbook.  Not only will you enjoy the goodies, you can also feel the love seeing the handwritten notes of your family member.   Choose a group of goodies that are especially meaningful.  Don’t be overly ambitious about quantity and limit your total recipes to no more than 50.  You can categorize your recipes by appetizer, main dish, side dish or dessert.  Your Family Recipe book can be kept digitally online or published as a book.

Art Collection

You have this year or possibly even years of artwork from your kids.  Why not create a personalized holiday gift of art for your family?  Grandparents treasure a book filled with their grands coloring, drawing and art.  Have your child and you work together.  Choose art work wisely and keep 20 items for scanning.  You can scan these or take a photo with your smart phone.  Upload this to make a hard cover coffee table book as a gift.

Antique Photo Collection

Take a trip down memory lane with a family antique photo collection. Perhaps it’s a collage to display on a wall. Maybe it’s a collection of frames in a hall way.  Or it could be a family photo book. With leading the way, family genealogy is a favorite hobby.   Choose 5 family photos to group together. These could be your dad in his navy uniform, your parents at their wedding and their 50th anniversary, or you and your siblings throughout the years in Christmas photos.  By sharing these precious family memories,  you are connecting with your family in a special way.

There are many creative ways to use your scanner.  Take advantage of this tool to make your holiday gift giving special.

What ways are you using your scanner this holiday season?

A Restivus For The Rest Of Us: Taking Advantage of Downtime During The Holidays

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The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, indulging in the sights, sounds and tastes of the season while taking some much deserved time away from work. The weeks leading up to Christmas, whether or not you celebrate the holiday, are usually filled with the last minute meetings and calls that go unnoticed once vacation begins.

It is the week of “Restivus,” the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day when offices are empty and nothing important seems to happen.

These last ditch efforts to get things done are common among businesses of all sizes, including small business owners and entrepreneurs, because they know what lurks between the festive yuletide and celebratory parties for the New Year: a desolate wasteland of a week where productivity is low, effort is minimal, and phones go straight to voicemail. It is the week of “Restivus,” the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day when offices are empty and nothing important seems to happen.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, spending “Restivus” catching up on sleep, binge-watching television, eating leftovers or putting together the kids’ toys can be a relaxing way to waste the week, but it can also be a great time to organize those nagging holiday expenses, get your finances in order and get a head start on the New Year.

festivus-7113951Here are 5 ways to take advantage of your “Restivus” this year:

1. Manage your Documents: Treat yourself to a scanner this holiday season and spend your week of “Restivus” clearing all of the paper clutter from your office. Document storage is key to improved management and by scanning and organizing your paper documents, you save time and space. Finding a scanner that can parse information from different types of documents, integrate into 3rd party applications or simply archive important information, is imperative. The Neat Company’s NeatConnect and Smart Organization System is a great example of scanner and technology that can extract vital information from documents, organize it and allow users to integrate it into programs that help businesses run more efficiently.

2. Organize your Calendar: Whether you set your appointments on paper or digitally, this week is a great time to get that calendar under control. Since there won’t be many meetings scheduled during this time, use it as an opportunity to look forward and schedule important items or remove recurring items that are no longer needed. The beauty of maintaining a digital calendar either through your email provider or in a free app, is that it allows you to maintain multiple calendars, keeping professional and personal events separate. Additionally, keeping your digital calendar organized lets you share it with coworkers or family members to keep them abreast of what’s going on in your life, if you want them to know of course.

3. Transfer to the Cloud: Using the scanner you treated yourself to, you should store all of your documents on the cloud. By keeping all of your documents on the cloud, it allows you to access them on any internet-enabled device. At this point, it seems most small businesses are storing some if not all of their files on the cloud, so embracing cloud storage is not only important but essential. There are a number of cloud-storage applications to choose from but some subscription services, such as Neat’s Cloud Service, provide unique integrations through scanning software and mobile applications.

4. Evaluate your Finances: Take this time to evaluate the finances of your business and investigate what tools and applications are out there to make running a small business easier. Talk to your bank or financial services provider and see if they have programs to assist you. Look into free financial planning apps that will help you with the daily budgeting and form filing that can confuse some small businesses. This week is also an important time to look back at your financial history for the past year, evaluate it and see what type of financial goals or benchmarks you can set for the year ahead.

5. Set Goals: Speaking of the year ahead…set some goals! This week is a great time for some physical organization but it can also be used to mentally prepare and get some inspiration for the year ahead. Business goals that focus on improving revenue, productivity, and reducing overall costs, can set helpful barometers to guide owners and entrepreneurs on the path to a successful year. Having an action plan in place for the coming year is always beneficial, so taking a little time during this week to contemplate the future not only will get you motivated but will keep you a step ahead of your competitors who spent the week snoozing.

The bottom line is that while you should relax during this week, it is also important to carve out some time to be productive and advance your small business. Whether you decide to tackle all of these tasks or focus on just a few, take advantage of “Restivus” and get you and your business ready for the New Year.

Smart Facts: Did You Know…

By 2015, end-user spending on cloud services could be more than $180 billion.
It is predicted that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by 2018.

Check out this infographic with more about cloud computing and how it can lead to smarter, more organized companies.


Have Yourself A Merry Little [Organized] Christmas

Denise Caron-QuinnGreetings and Happy Holidays! The holidays are our single most favorite time of the year. The eggnog, the music, the reindeer sweaters, not having enough power outlets for all your electrical decorations…. magical. There’s no time like it, which means it can get pretty unorganized and stressful pretty quickly.

We’ve compiled a list of five simple tips to get you organized and in the right mindset this holiday season. You’ll be ready take on whatever the sugar plum fairy throws at you (even the sarcastic remarks from your mother about your cooking).

Let these tips help lead you to festive success:

unnamed1. Make a list and check it twice.

One of the best, tried and true ways to start succeeding in all of your organizing needs, is to make a list. Santa’s got it down pat, he’s a very organized man dealing with so many little ones across the globe. Make a list (that you won’t lose) of everything you need to get accomplished for each month. Groceries, gifts, appointments, etc. If you thrust it all into one singular sensation of a list, you’ll be able to prioritize more successfully and be set. So be your own Santa this year and check your list twice. Who knows, maybe you’ll do so well, someone will leave you a plateful of milk and cookies.

2. Sing synchronized.

We all have smartphones, am I right? And if you don’t, you’re probably reading this blog on your tablet under a rock. One of my favorite apps to use is iCal. Putting every single schedule, appointment, meeting, party date, brunch date, dinner date, sale date, release date, etc. for every family member into your calendar will help you know what’s coming up next and how soon you have to prep for it. Any kind of smartphone on the market now let’s you synchronize every smartphone in the family, so what one adds to ones schedule, everyone can see & know about it.

3. Try something new.

Before the hustle and bustle of the holidays ignite, before you start thinking about your New Year’s resolution, before you start giving yourself ulcers thinking about the lines you’ll have to face at the Apple Store, embark on an experience you’ve never explored before. Take a road trip to a magical festival or drive-by a light show, take a loved one to a famous landmark or concert, or just sit home and try a new recipe with Martha Stewart. You’d be amazed at what a fresh new experience can do for ones perspective.

4. Indulge a little.

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” Johnny Mathis and I get it. Need I say more? It’s a time for being thankful, giving, sharing, reflecting, spreading love and Christmas cheer. So, who says that can’t be directed towards you by… well… YOU! You’re with you more than anyone else is throughout the year, so why not do something extra special for just you this year. You’re one of the lucky ones that’s survived another glorious year, so go ahead and splurge for that spa day, get that new Samsung 50” TV you’ve been wanting. You deserve it. Alright go! I’m kidding, not now, finish reading this lovely blog first, then go! Taking time for you might be just what you need to clear your head for everyone else’s wants.

5. Help Others.

Tis’ the season to be jolly and is there any better way to be jolly than making others happy? Bueller? Bueller? I didn’t think so. The Holidays are a great time to purge your things as you scurry around to make your house clean for the relatives. So, grab one of those extra-stretchy heavy-duty trash bags and fill them to the brim with glee, hop into your gas guzzling sleigh, and donate your treasures to a homeless shelter, a Goodwill drop-off, or a national organization like Operation Christmas Child. You’ll end up[ free of all the things you don’t want anymore, have more room for newer shinier things, and you’re helping someone who is less fortunate. It’s a win win.

We hope these steps will bring you to a brighter Holiday Season and provide you with less clutter tangibly and mentally. Until next time. A very Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!

This post originally appeared on the In Order to Succeed blog and was written by Neatologist, Denise Caron-Quinn.