Better Document Management with Scanning

cloud security, cloud services, cloud computingIf you’re still unsure of how to move your business into the cloud, an easy first step is document storage.  Store your documents in the cloud by scanning and uploading them to a cloud storage service. Organizing your documents online can save time and improve collaboration with your team wherever you’re located. Here are a few tips for better document management with cloud storage:

  1. When choosing a scanner, look for one that meets your day-to-day needs.  Need a versatile scanner that scans an array of document types? Flatbed scanners can scan everything from antique documents to negatives. Is speed a must-have? ADF scanners are able to scan various sizes of documents depending on the size of the machine, and can scan multiple pages quickly. Are you a road warrior that needs on-the-go access to a scanner? There are several affordable, portable options out there.
  2. Most software offers additional functionality, so look for a package that will work for you. If you’re just looking to archive, there are many standard options available. But if you want to track expenses, or transfer data into other applications, look for software with parsing technology. Some scanner applications, like Neat’s, will read and interpret key information, then automatically organize what it sees into useful categories or the appropriate fields in 3rd party apps.
  1. Look for applications with more evolved organization features. OCR technology converts scanned documents into editable text files that you can tag and search later. The ability to tag data for future searches saves time when you need to pull specific information from a file.

Any questions about scanning your paper docs? Let us know.

3 Ways to Get The Word Out About Your Small Business

cloud security, cloud services, cloud computingAdvertising is expensive and doesn’t always fit into your small business budget.  There are lots of customers out there who want answers.  They’re chatting with each other as we speak.  Join the conversation — be the expert.  By becoming the expert you can lead people back to your business website, earn their trust and earn their business. Try these inexpensive or free tactics to get the word out there about your business:

Project Management on-the-Go with the Cloud

cloud security, cloud services, cloud computingMost small business owners spend a lot of time out of the office. You’re on the road pitching investors, meeting with vendors, traveling to conferences and trade shows, but your projects need to keep moving forward even when you’re not there. Being able to check on progress and weigh-in on decisions from any location is crucial to your business’ success.