Originally posted on July 27, 2008

While I was working on my bathroom, I would often make promises to myself that I would do or buy things when I was done to keep myself motivated. At some point, I had promised to buy myself a Tivoli iPAL radio to put in the bathroom after it was finished. Now that it’s done, I looked into ordering one. I just could not justify spending over $200 on a radio that would sit in my bathroom. So I just figured that I wouldn’t buy one. Then, I figured that there had to be a nice radio I could get that was nicer than a little flavor-radio (the first radio I ever bought myself when I was a kid, cost $3-$5) from Radio Shack and less expensive than a $219 Tivoli radio. I searched for a while and found the Sangean company. I ended up buying a PR-D5 and couldn’t be happier. It is just really cool looking and sounds fantastic. It looks great in the bathroom, but I’ve already taken it out a number of times to listen to it while lying in bed. I may have to get another one for my bedroom.

Notice the antenna isn’t even up. It sounds great even with it down.