I am one of those people who considers herself completely replaceable. So, at work, I tend to try to continually make myself useful, so that even if I’m not needed to do what I was originally hired for, I can do something else that is required. I don’t think that I’m an expert at anything, but I like to learn enough so that I can solve problems that come up. Basically, I consider myself a generalist.

One drawback of this viewpoint, is that, well, I’m completely replaceable. What will I do, if it turns out that I’m no longer needed? Or, more likely, if the funds just aren’t there for me to keep my job? I suppose that I could send out a resume and find another job, but that’s not very exciting anymore. I think that I’d like to try to start my own business. So, because of that line of thinking, I sort of have. Not officially, yet, but I have been doing odd computer jobs for people on the side.

So far, I’ve only done a few, but I’ve really enjoyed them. I like to see how small businesses work. And, the one thing that I really like about computer work, is that it’s usually involved in all aspects of a business. So, I tend to learn all about a business, which is really interesting.

Anyway, I am feeling somewhat comfortable in my real job, which is the one that pays the bills and gives me health insurance. But, I’m not going to turn down any side job. If something does happen with the real job, I’m hoping that these odd jobs will set me up for a business that I could move into.

Here’s to the future!