I could be messing around with arranging tiles on the kitchen floor for years. I finally decided that I just need to set the tile and see how it turns out. If I make a mistake, so be it. I’ll figure out a way to fix it. So I spent today setting tile. I have about half of the area done that I want to do. I could have probably done the entire kitchen, but realized that this would block access to my bathroom. This meant that I couldn’t get to either bathroom in the house. The upstairs one is blocked because I started sanding the stairs. Blocking the downstairs one just seemed like a stupid idea. So I did half the area, to leave a path. I’ll do the other half after I can walk on the tile I just installed. So, here’s how things look so far.

The only difficult part was the bit around the floor vent. That is where I accidentally cracked my first tile. So I had to cut a second one. I also had to change the vent because the ones the guys put in didn’t fit the vent I had anymore. I took out the bigger vent and messed around with things a bit there. I still need to retape the vent. I thought that I had tape, but couldn’t find it. So, later I’ll have to finish the vent.