My original plan for today was to go and cut down a Christmas tree. But since my nephew (who wanted to actually cut the tree down), has not yet finished his homework for tomorrow, this plan is now on hold. So last night, I started looking at the hosting for this website. I was on Rackspace (since they bought Slicehost years ago) and was paying around $44/month. It was ok, but I my virtual server was running Centos 5.5. I know that Centos 7 is out now and I figured I should upgrade. Since this was going to mean basically making a new server and copying everything over, I looked around at my other options. Paying another $44 to Rackspace for another server seemed pricey. So instead, I set up a new server on Linode and have been moving everything there. I’m hoping Linode is going to cost me less than $20/month, but I’ll see after a few months how it’s looking. Right now, I’m copying all of my old data from my laptop to the new host. This will take a few more hours, but then I think I can delete the old Rackspace host, as I have everything set up on the new one.

One other thing I’ve realized is that the next step will probably be to buy a server and put it in a colocation site. This copying of data takes hours and I have less than 10gb on my server. If I want to start posting videos (which I do), my data is going to grow fast. It’ll be much more practical to get a colocation site where I can physically go and just copy data drive to drive. And this will also be a good backup for me. Right now, the drawback is this is much more expensive. The big datacenter near my house is around $90/month. If I’m lucky, those prices will come down in the next few years and I’ll be able to make the switch.

And this switch is why the blog looks a bit different now. I changed the theme.