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Original title: Rogue Warfare; Production country / year: USA 2019; Genre: Action; Sound: DVD: DD 5.1, DTS; BD + DIGITAL: DTS-HD 5.1; Languages: German / English; Image: DVD: 2.39: 1 (16: 9); BD + DIGITAL: 2.39: 1 (1080p); Running time: DVD: approx. 99 min .; BD: approx. 103 min .; Subtitles: German; Extras: Trailer; FSK: released from 16; Order number DVD: 12314; EAN code DVD: 4041658123143; Order number BD: 19314; EAN code BD: 4041658193146.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw: Secret Service agent Luke Hobbs and ex-elite deckard Shaw have worked together in the past, but always grudgingly. But the security of the planet takes precedence over their quarrels and when international terrorist Brixton arrives on the scene, Hobbs and Shaw are forced to work together once more.
Transformers: Era of Destruction: Humanity has just recovered from the great battle between Autobots and Decepticons on our planet. All Transformers have disappeared from the face of the earth, but greedy and powerful businessmen and scientists hope to benefit from their legacy.

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The story of Rogue Warfare Trailer: Great Nations team up to assemble a team of elite soldiers. Objective: the destruction of the complex and dangerous terrorist organization BLACK MASK. Because this has a murderous bio-weapon under their control. Led by war hero Daniel, the team must take on an impossible mission and bring the deadly weapon of the BLACK MASK under its control.Actor: Stephen Lang, Will Yun Lee, Chris Mulkey, Rory Markham, Roman Mitichyan
Director: Mike Gunther
Background: ROGUE WARFARE – THE ENEMY is gripping, realistic and merciless action by the stunt team behind "Fast & Furious" and "Transformers". With Will Yun Lee from Rampage and Wolverine, Stephen Lang from Avatar and Mortal Engines, and Chris Mulkey from The Purge and Whiplash in the lead roles. Available from October 24th DIGITAL and from November 7th on DVD & BLU-RAY.
Official Websites: – Movie WebsiteRolls: Stephen LangPresidentWill Yun LeeDanielChris MulkeyCommander BriscoRory MarkhamJamesRoman MitichyanMuhammad Aabib

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